Etiquette Indianapolis students learn that practicing good manners should be a way of life. Poise and self-confidence help young people feel good about themselves. The child with a healthy self-esteem becomes the adult with a positive sense of self. By learning to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette, all participants are at ease with adults, with their peers, and most importantly, with themselves.

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Manners for Girls
Manners for Young Ladies teaches young girls the social etiquette, table manners and personal style that inspire self-confidence.

Manners for Boys
Manners for Young Men teaches the social skills and table manners.

Manners for Teens
Manners for Teens can help your teenager meet life's challenges with confidence by teaching them social skills, etiquette and personal style.

Corporate Seminars
Etiquette Indianapolis will customize a business etiquette seminar or workshop for your company. Our seminars can help your company to improve teamwork, polish your corporate image and improve the quality of your work environment.



Holidays are Approaching!!!

As we start to see Halloween decorations popping up, you know the other holidays aren't far behind. It is a perfect time of year to remind our children (and ourselves) the importance of manners and being respectful of others.  

As your children go trick or treating, remind them to say "Please" and "Thank You", accept the treat given to them graciously, smile and use good eye contact (if the costume allows that!)

Thanksgiving is the time to remember how fortunate we are to have family and friends and show gratitude. It's a great time to have your children reflect on their "Top 5" things to be thankful for and share those with each other. This is also an opportunity to reach out to those who need a friend.

Take these lessons right into the holiday season.  I always learned it is more important to give than to receive.  Make it part of your holidays to share this message with your children.  By focus on making others happy during the holidays, our children may see that the gift of gratitude is the best gift of all!

I will share these ideas and more etiquette goodies with children that attend the Holdiay Boot Camps in November. Call me to find out more.



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