Etiquette Indianapolis is pleased to present: COTILLION INDIANAPOLIS
    Kotil-yon. 1766 ad. French - The name of several dances, chiefly of French origin, consisting of a variety of steps.

Etiquette Lessons

Dance Lessons

Traditional beginning ballroom dancing: waltz, foxtrot, samba, etc.

In dance, there is an emphasis on a strong core, good posture and proper body alignment. Those dance skills translate to every day living in terms of focus, flexibility and balance. An experienced dancing professional will teach the dance lessons.

Manners in Motion Dinner: For an additional fee, your child can join their instructor for a Manners in Motion Dinner at an area restaurant. Your child will need to call in their RSVP for the dinner, dress appropriately and put all of their new-found dining skills into action.

Each child will receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of the Cotillion.


Millennials are really the first generation to completely grow up with technology literally in their hands. They can't be faulted for that- it was the Baby Boomer generation that created the smart phone technology in the first place! As a result, there is less face-to-face interaction and when it isn't practiced as much, everyone is less comfortable with conversation and interaction.  Let's be honest. We all tend to stay in our comfort zones and this may be even more of the case for millennials. 

Why is that? One reason is older generations grew up more around a dinner table.  Life is different now.  Both parents are working or single parents are trying to keep it all together.  Another reason we don’t sit down and eat together is because of so many activities.  There is not as much time to sit down, unplug and just talk.

Social media also lessens our face-to-face interactions; long conversations are difficult. What's more, people can now pick and choose what conversations they want to be part of AND do it from a distance. Nowadays,  a person feels accomplishment by how many likes they get on Facebook!

So how do we bridge the gap? It’s important for all generations to understand each other.  Breaking bread together is a great first step. Face-to-face communication needs to be deliberate.  Scheduled even!

As employers, it is important to be transparent- share the vision. Drive collaboration. Set the example by reaching out and being the first to communicate.  Tell millennials exactly what your expectations are.  Literally set appointments for face-to-face communication until it becomes automatic.

Have “no phone zones” set up in the work place and rules for no phones at lunches, dinners or staff meetings.

Finally...Practice- practice- practice.

I do a soft skills workshop for a local coding company and we role play throughout.  It’s important to be able to make mistakes and get comfortable among friends and colleagues before having to address a client.

If you are interested in setting up a workshop for your employees or team, give me a call at 317-903-9902. Or send an email to renae@etiquetteindianapolis.com and LET'S HAVE A CONVERSATION!!!



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